Departmental Liaison for Association Annual Meetings

A departmental liaison will be appointed from individuals attending a national pharmacy association annual meeting. The goal of this appointment is to select an individual who will communicate on events, initiatives, programming, and/or research occurring at the meeting. The liaison will be asked to attend certain programming during the meeting and communicate about awards/grants/other opportunities within the organization throughout the following year. Upon return from the meeting, the liaison will be expected to present a brief update about the meeting at the next department meeting.

More information is available here..

Photo of ACCP—Ashley Meredith
ACCP—Ashley Meredith
Photo of APhA—Chelsea Baker
APhA—Chelsea Baker
Photo of AACP—Alex Isaacs
AACP—Alex Isaacs
Photo of ASHP—Zach Weber
ASHP—Zach Weber

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