Mortar (& Pestle) Service Award

The Mortar (& Pestle) Award was created with the goal of recognizing faculty and staff for their service that goes “above and beyond” within the Department of Pharmacy Practice, the College of Pharmacy, or Purdue University as a whole. Service beyond everyday work responsibilities represents the “mortar” that holds our department together and acknowledging employees who go beyond their job description is vital to the department's mission and the morale of its faculty and staff.

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Photo of Carol Ott
Carol Ott
Photo of Kellie Weddle
Kellie Weddle
Photo of Mike Kays
Mike Kays
Photo of Kate Caward
Kate Caward
Photo of Kate Rodenbach
Kate Rodenbach
Photo of Mindy Schultz
Mindy Schultz
Photo of Dana Neary
Dana Neary
Photo of Nicole Noel
Nicole Noel
Photo of Jenelle Rogers
Jenelle Rogers
Photo of  Sharon Erdman
Sharon Erdman


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