The Advanced Practice Service-Based Experience

Requirements for a Service-Based Rotation (i.e, research, administration, drug information, managed care etc.) The site must have a formal, well-organized, ongoing service or function. The student should be given some responsibility for generating consults, answering questions, performing tasks, writing responses, and/or generating reports [with appropriate review/supervision] during the latter half of the rotation. General Objectives At the conclusion of a serviced-based experience the student should be able to: Describe a historical perspective of the service[s] provided. Describe the administrative aspects [coordination, organization, financial and political] of developing, implementing, expanding and maintaining the pharmacy service. and how these can differ from institution to institution. Describe the goals of the service. Describe the quality assurance and cost effectiveness components necessary to assure the viability of the service. Effectively and efficiently respond to requests for the service provided. Perform the data collection, patient assessments, dosage calculations, and/or literature searching necessary to carry out the service. Effectively generate consults, replies, and/or reports necessary for the documentation of the service and its impact on patient outcomes. Effectively communicate with other health care providers both orally and in writing. Describe computer applications useful in the provision of pharmacy services. Required Service-Based Clerkship Forms Those to return to the office End-of-Rotation Assessment - preceptor completes online Mid Rotation Self Assessment Personal Reflection - one copy goes to the preceptor, one copy goes to Purdue Clerkship Site/Instructor Evaluation Form (online) Affidavit of Experience- original goes to Purdue, copy goes in the student's portfolio Request for Absence Form (if applicable) Those to place in student portfolio Required Mid Rotation Self-Assessment End-of-Rotation Assessment Oral Presentation Evaluation Form(s) Skill-based Competency Sign Off sheets (place these in the front of the manual) As Applicable All cases, handouts, and bibliographies from presentations End of Block Evaluation Form Articles and reports prepared by the student during rotations Other documents prepared during clerkship rotations evidencing relevant experiences and abilities

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