PharmD Graduation Banquet Awards 2018

Dear Colleagues, 
I want to thank the many faculty and staff from our Department who attended the PharmD graduation banquet last Friday.  It was an excellent event to honor our graduating students!  I also want to specifically congratulate some of our faculty who were recognized at the banquet.  
Jane Krause was recognized as the Dr. Aziz Outstanding Teacher of the Year Steve Scott was recognized as the Chaney Family Preceptor of the Year Cindi Koh-Knox was recognized with the Robert K. Chalmers Award for Distinguished Service to Experiential Programs Mike Kays was honored to give the Faculty speech.  This honor is bestowed by vote of the students.  Mike was given a standing ovation at the conclusion of his speech!
Congratulation to these faculty for their excellent contributions to the Department and our students!
Alan J. Zillich, Pharm.D., FCCP
William S. Bucke Professor and Head
Department of Pharmacy Practice
Purdue University
College of Pharmacy
News Date: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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