Charles H. (Chuck) Brown

Photo of Charles H. (Chuck) Brown
Professor Emeritus of Phamacy Practice


B.S., Pharmacy, Purdue University 1963
M.S., Pharmacy, Butler University 1979


Professor Brown teaches in the advanced therapeutics and patient case studies courses for pharmacy students and the Introductory Pharmacology course for nursing students. He also serves as a preceptor for Advanced PharmD Clerkship students for a oncology rotation at Unity Healthcare in Lafayette. He has published over 40 scientific and professional articles and given more than 60 research and invited presentations at national, international, and state professional pharmacy and medical meetings. He is the author of a pharmacy textbook, Handbook of Drug Therapy Monitoring, and coauthored another textbook, Pharmacy Practice For the Geriatric Patient. He serves as a referee for the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and the US Pharmacist.

Professor Brown is a member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Indiana College of Clinical Pharmacy, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance.

He is a licensed pharmacist in Indiana and his practice and research interests focus on patients with cancer, cardiovascular, venous thromboembolism and hematologic disorders. He was credentialed by the National Certification Board for Anticoagulation Providers as a Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider (CACP) in 2004.

Service and Engagement

  • Board Certified Anticoagulation Specialist
  • Clinical Pharmacist, Critical Care
  • Community Pharmacist
  • Consultant Pharmacist for long-term care facility

Representative Publications

Brown, C. H.. Overview of anticoagulation therapy: warfarin, heparins, and heparinoid. Clin Trends in Pharm Pract. 2005 (in press).
Brown, C. H.. A new era in anticoagulation: factor Xa and thrombin inhibitors. Clin Trends in Pharm Pract. 2005 (in press).
Brown, C. H.. Overview of platelets and platelet aggregation inhibitor therapy. Clin Trends in Pharm Pract. 2004;18(7):109-130.
Brown, C. H.. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic drug interactions with warfarin. Clin Trends in Pharm Pract. 2004;18(7):109-130.
Brown, C. H. Bridging anticoagulation therapy perioperatively for outpatients. US Pharm. 2003;28(7):HS28-HS38.
Brown, C. H.. Part Three: Overview of drug interactions modulated by cytochrome P 450. US Pharm. 2001;26(4):HS26-HS45.
Brown, C. H.. Overview of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drug interactions. US Pharm. 2000;26(7):HS3-HS21.
Brown, C. H.. Effects of rofecoxib on the antihypertensive activity of lisinopril. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 2000;34:1486.

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