The Purdue University College of Pharmacy has a variety of post-graduate Fellowship programs for those seeking advanced training and education. Each program provides selected candidates with mentored oversite during a one- or two-year period, depending on the program selected. With concentrations in clinical pharmacy practice and research, the multitude of programs offers candidates a variety of experiences, including inpatient and outpatient practice, medication safety, community pharmacy, regulatory bodies, and global health. The Purdue University College of Pharmacy offers additional unique opportunities, including a global health residency, a highly competitive fellowship in collaboration with pharmaceutical industry sponsors and the FDA, as well as an ACCP accredited fellowship in community practice. 

Teaching Skills

Classroom teaching skills are developed and expanded under faculty direction and mentorship. The Indiana Pharmacy Teaching Certificate (IPTeC) is incorporated into each residency and fellowship program. Purdue University College of Pharmacy faculty, along with their partners work closely with each fellow to provide excellent advising and guidance to ensure a successful individualized educational experience.

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