Pharmacy Practice - Graduate Program

The Department of Pharmacy Practice at Purdue University has a longstanding claim to national prominence. Graduates of the Purdue program are in great demand. They have been educated in the principles and techniques of research and encouraged to develop sound teaching skills through course work and supervised experience.

At Purdue, the Department of Pharmacy Practice, within the College of Pharmacy, offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in the majors of pharmacy administration and clinical pharmacy.

The pharmacy administration program is the oldest in the nation, with the first Ph.D. in the discipline earned by Robert V. Evanson in 1953. Since then, Purdue has granted almost 50 Ph.D. degrees in Pharmacy Administration. The clinical pharmacy program is one of the few active degree-granting programs. Established in 1974, two research areas have evolved: educational evaluation and clinical science.

The Graduate degree program in pharmacy administration educates M.S. and Ph.D. candidates as:

  • scientific researchers of problems in pharmacy administration that can be solved by an understanding of the principles, concepts, and applications of the economic, management, marketing, policy, social, and behavioral sciences
  • effective teachers of potential pharmacy-oriented managers
  • effective managers of pharmacy-oriented systems and organizations

Graduate degree programs in clinical pharmacy educate M.S. and Ph.D. candidates as:

  • clinical scientists who link the pharmacal sciences and clinical pharmacy practice and advanced medical research
  • educators who can conceptualize, develop, implement, and evaluate instructional assessment strategies and use them to maximize student learning and pharmacist growth

Pharmacists who have earned graduate degrees through the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Purdue have accepted employment in academic institutions, pharmacy practice, professional and trade associations, the pharmaceutical industry, state and national government agencies, and a wide variety of management and research positions related to health service delivery programs.

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