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Photo of Margie SnyderMargie Snyder, PharmD, MPH
Co-Director, Community Pharmacy Programs
Network Director, Rx SafeNet
Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Snyder is Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Purdue University College of Pharmacy, and Co-Director, Center for Medication Safety Advancement, College of Pharmacy, Purdue University. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Public Health degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. She also completed a PGY-1 pharmacy practice residency with an emphasis in community care at the University of Pittsburgh in partnership with Rite Aid Corporation, followed by a two-year community practice research fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Snyder is interested in community pharmacy practice, health services research, medication safety, and quality improvement initiatives. Her work has explored pharmacist-physician collaborations and community pharmacist-provided medication therapy management services. Her research is focused on the delivery of medication therapy management services by community pharmacists.

Photo of Nicole OlenikNicole L. Olenik, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM
Co-Director, Community Pharmacy Programs
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

Nicole L. Olenik, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy, Purdue University and is Co-Director of Community Pharmacy Programs. Dr. Olenik obtained her PharmD degree from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, and then completed a PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency at Mathes Pharmacy affiliated with Purdue University in New Albany, Indiana. She has also received certification as a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and is Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM). Dr. Olenik is currently the Residency Program Director for the PGY1 Community Pharmacy Practice Residency at Mathes Pharmacy. Her practice involves serving as the Coordinator of the Mathes Diabetes Center in New Albany, Indiana, where she also serves as a preceptor for APPE students. She is a Regional Faculty Coordinator for the Experiential Learning Advisory Council (ELAC), and she serves on the Professional Program Lab (PPL) Coordinating Committee. Her primary areas of focus teaching within the college of pharmacy include diabetes and weight management. Dr. Olenik’s research and teaching interests relate to chronic disease management services implemented by community pharmacists, with a special interest in diabetes, as well as healthcare-related needs of the Spanish-speaking population.

Photo of Tamara FoxTamara Fox, BS, RPh
Project Manager, Community Pharmacy Projects

Tamara Fox, BS, RPh, is the Project Manager for Community Pharmacy Initiatives for the Purdue University College of Pharmacy. She has practiced within the community pharmacy setting in a wide variety of capacities beyond traditional patient care associated with dispensing and counseling. She has developed, implemented, and conducted several types of training programs for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Participating in the design of both dispensing software intended to better assist pharmacists with patient medication therapies, and with program software created to aid in patient medication adherence for a national corporation, allowed her the opportunity to understand the purpose and usefulness of technology within patient care. She served as a Dispensing Lab Preceptor and Clinical Instructor of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Cincinnati College Of Pharmacy.




Photo of Wendy LantaffWendy Lantaff, PharmD
Hook Drug Foundation Community Practice Research Fellow, 2015-2017

Wendy Lantaff, PharmD is the Hook Drug Foundation Fellow in Community Practice Research at the Purdue University College of Pharmacy. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and then completed a University of Iowa PGY1 Community Residency at Towncrest Pharmacy. Dr. Lantaff will obtain a Master of Science with an Area of Concentration in Medication Safety in the Spring of 2017. Dr. Lantaff’s teaching and research are interests focused on community pharmacy practice with a special interest in immunization and medication synchronization.





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