Amy Heck Sheehan

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Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Specialization: Drug Information


1998 Specialized Residency in Drug Information Practice and Pharmacotherapy, Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD

1997 Pharm.D., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

1995 B.S., Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH


Formulary management, medical literature evaluation, drug information resources, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.


PHRM 848, Principles of Drug Information and Literature Evaluation

PHRM 821, 841, 860, 861, Pharmacy Skills Labs (PSL)

PHRM 880, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

CLPH 453, Advanced Literature Evaluation: A Therapeutic Focus

CLPH 450, Dossier Analysis and Formulary Management

Honors and Credentials

Fellow, Purdue University Teaching Academy

Indiana Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program (IPTeC) Mentor of the Year

Finalist for Dr. Aziz Outstanding Teacher of the Year 

Purdue University College of Pharmacy Faculty Development Award

Clarian Health Silver Award

Who’s Who in Pharmaceutical Sciences Education

Outstanding Clerkship Instruction Award

Clinical Practice

Dr. Sheehan has over 20 years of experience providing comprehensive drug information services for the Indiana Univeristy (IU) Health Center for Medication Use Management where she precepts pharmacy fellows, residents, and students.

Representative Publications

1. Cuomo MC, Sheehan AH, Jordan JK. Solriamfetol for the management of excessive daytime sleepiness. Journal of Pharmacy Practice. April 2021. doi:10.1177/08971900211009080

2. Montagano KJ, Sheehan AH. Pharmacy students’ intrinsic motivation to participate in electronic peer-review of journal article critique assignments. Curr Pharm Teach Learn 2021;13(7):855-61. DOI: 10.1016/j.cptl.2021.03.005

3. Wasynzcuk J, Sheehan AH. Implementation of a teaching electronic medical record within didactic instruction using a drug information question assignment. Pharmacy 2021;9(1):35. DOI: 10.3390/pharmacy90100351

4. Beckett RD, Isaacs AN, Montagano KJ, Sheehan AH, Ramsey DR, Sprunger TL. Perceived value of teaching and learning curriculum programs among pharmacy practice chairs. Am J Pharm Educ 2020;84 (12):7981. DOI: 10.5688/ajpe7981

5. Sheehan AH, Sprunger TL, Viswesh V, Getting JP, and Boyle J. Current status of college-sponsored postgraduate teaching and learning curriculum (TLC) programs. Am J Pharm Educ 2020;84(7):7803. DOI: 10.5699/ajpe7803.

6. Fenn NE, Sprunger TL, Gonzalvo JD, Isaacs AN, Sheehan AH, Ramsey DR, Beckett RD. Global collaboration for the delivery of a live teaching and learning curriculum (TLC) program. Curr Pharm Teach Learn 2020;12(3):307-312. DOI: 10.1016/j.cptl.2019.12.011

7. Rybakov KN, Beckett RD, Dilley I, Sheehan AH. Reporting quality of survey research articles published in the pharmacy literature. Res Social Admin Pharm 2020;S1551-7411(19)30778-8. DOI: 10.1016/j.sapharm.2020.01.005.

8. Shelton SK, Bai SR, Jordan JJ, Sheehan AH.  Ixekizumab: A review of its place in therapy for the management of moderate-to-severe psoriasis.  Formulary Forum. Ann Pharmacother 2019;53(3): 276-284. DOI: 10.1177/1060028018799982

9. Beckett RD, Linn DD, Tellor KB, Sheehan AH, Montagano KJ, Vonada B. Systematic evaluation of the methodological quality of clinical practice guidelines intended for pharmacists. JACCP 2019;2(1)14-25. DOI: 10.1002/jac5.1015

10. Folz HN, Sprunger TL, Sheehan AH, Aranda J, Bozymski K, Ramsey DC, Gonzalvo JD. Factors associated with mentor satisfaction among teaching and learning curriculum (TLC) program participants. Curr Pharm Teach Learn 2018;10(4):427-32.

11. Brown MN, Stout J, Sheehan AH. Development of an interprofessional case competition for pharmacy and medical students. Med Sci Educ 2017;27(3):457-60.

12. Fajiculay JR, Parikh BT, Wright CV, Sheehan AH. Student perceptions of digital badges in a drug information and literature evaluation course. Curr Pharm Teach Learn 2017;9(5):881-86.

13. Sheehan AH, Wagner LE, Sowinski KM. Student pharmacists’ knowledge of biostatistical and literature evaluation concepts across a Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum. Curr Pharm Teach Learn 2016;8(5):622-628.

14. Parikh BT, Sheehan AH. Student pharmacists’ perceptions of the implementation of peer-assessment training and activities within a didactic course. Curr Pharm Teach Learn 2016;8(6):821-826.

15. Sheehan AH, Gonzalvo JD, Ramsey DC, Sprunger TL. Teaching certificate program participants’ perceptions of mentor-mentee relationships. Am J Pharm Educ 2016;80(3) Article 42.  

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