Jasmine D. Gonzalvo

Photo of Jasmine D. Gonzalvo
Director, Center for Health Equity and Innovation
Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Primary Care


2007 PGY2 Ambulatory Care/Education Specialty, Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center
2006 PGY1 Residency, Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center
2005 PharmD, Butler University


Pharmacists as diabetes educators

Pharmacist-managed Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Patient Populations with Serious Mental Illness

Spanish-speaking pharmacists

Lab Members

Gicella Garcia (Research Associate-Project Coordinator)
Moises Martinez III (Health Equity Pharmacy Resident)


PHRM 826, Introduction to Patient Centered Care

PHRM 831, Health Care Systems

PHRM 403, Integrated Laboratories

PHRM 820, 821, 840, 841, 860, 861 Professional Program Laboratories

PHRM 844, 864, Integrated Therapeutics

PHRM 880, Purdue APPE Rotation

CLPH 456, Pharmaceutical Care of Diabetes

CLPH 471, Pathophysiology & Therapeutics I

CLPH 490, Current Concepts in Adult Ambulatory Care Pharmacy

CLPH 490, Pharmaceutical Care of Diabetes

CLPH 690, Teaching in Clinical Pharmacy

CLPH 866, Introduction to the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience

CLPH 872, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics II

PHPR 202, Introductory Pharmacology for Nursing

PHPR 312, Introduction to Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care

NURS 348, Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

NURS 502, Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nursing

Honors and Credentials

AADE Pharmacy Best Practices in Diabetes Care Award, 2nd Quarter

Indiana Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program (IPTeC) Teaching Mentor of the Year

Purdue University, College of Pharmacy – Faculty Preceptor of the Year

Award for Excellence in Distance Learning, supplemental materials

Distinguished Pharmacist of the Year, Indiana Pharmacists Association

Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist

Board Certified Advanced Diabetes Management

Certified Diabetes Educator

Licensed Diabetes Educator

Clinical Practice

Pharmacist-Managed Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Service (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, smoking cessation, immunizations) at Midtown Medical, Midtown Community Mental Health – Eskenazi Health  

Representative Publications

1. Gonzalvo JD, Patel DK, Olin JL. Concentrated Insulins:  A Review and Recommendations. Federal Practitioner. 2017;34(10): S28-S32.

2. Gonzalvo JD, Lavin-Tompkins J, Traficano S. BC-ADM, CDE, LDE: Alphabet soup for the diabetes educator. AADE In Practice. 2017;5(6)50-53.

3. Gonzalvo JD,  Horner W, Martin J, Mathews C, Vincent AH. Partnering with pharmacists to improve vaccination rates. AADE In Practice. 2017;5(5)42-46.

4. Gonzalvo JD, Kruckeberg E, Newton ML, Chang E, Olenik NL, Gernant SA.  Advanced diabetes credentials for the community pharmacist: A pilot study. J Am Pharm Assoc. 2016; 56(3):274-279.

5. Sheehan AH, Gonzalvo JD, Ramsey DC, Sprunger TL. Teaching certificate program participants’ perceptions of mentor-mentee relationships. Am J Pharm Educ. 2016;80(3):42. 

6. Gonzalvo JD, Constantine B, Shrock N, Vincent AH. Electronic nicotine delivery systems and a suggested approach to vaping cessation. AADE In Practice. 2016;4(6)38-42.

7. Neumann B, Stefanik M, Gonzalvo JD, Weber ZA. Diabetes mHealth applications. AADE In Practice. 2016;4(5):28-32.

8. Tooley WB, Fletcher LM, Gonzalvo JD. Insulin pens: a closer look. AADE In Practice. 2015;3:16-19. 

9. Olenik NL, Fletcher LM, Gonzalvo JD. The community pharmacist as diabetes educator. AADE In Practice. 2015; 3(5):46-50.

10. Evoy KE, Malone KM, Gonzalvo JD, Ramsey DC, Sheehan AH, Sprunger TL. Implementing mentoring into a pharmacy teaching and learning curriculum. Am J Health Syst Pharm. 2015;72(11):906-909. 

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