Joseph Thomas III

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Professor of Pharmacy Practice
765-494-1477, 765-494-7686


B.S., Pharmacy, Northeast Louisiana, 1978
M.S., Pharmacy Administration, Purdue, 1982
Ph.D., Pharmacy Administration, Purdue, 1983


Professor Thomas' research is concentrated on management of pharmaceutical services, pharmaceutical product and service marketing, and economic analysis of innovative pharmaceutical services. His management research includes analysis of the impact of alternative purchasing strategies upon pharmacies and identification of management practices leading to entrepreneurial success or failure. Marketing research includes analysis of pharmaceutical purchasers' decision processes, and consumers' perceptions of, and satisfaction with, pharmaceutical services. His research in health policy and economic analysis involves evaluation of alternative financing and reimbursement arrangements for pharmaceutical products and/or services. He also is analyzing the impact of innovative pharmaceutical services upon health care outcomes and total health care expenditures.

Professor Thomas has practiced in hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy settings. He has been a consultant to pharmacies, drug wholesalers, pharmaceutical associations, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Professor Thomas has testified on pharmacy issues before the U.S. Senate and has served on a U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment Advisory Panel.

Lab Members

Chien-yu (Fish) Huang (Graduate Student)
Gediwon Negash Milky (Graduate Student)
Pragya Mishra (Graduate Student)
Sariya Udayachalerm (Graduate Student)
Suyuan Zhang (Graduate Student)
DanDan Zheng (Graduate Student)

Representative Publications

Bharmal, Murtuza F. and Thomas III, Joseph. Health Insurance Coverage and Health-related Quality of Life: Analysis of 2000 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Data. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. November 2005, 16 (4): 643-654.
Shuvayu S. Sen, Rezual K. Khander, David A. Roth, Joseph Thomas III. "A One-Year Comparison of Cost and Outcomes of Angioplasty Stent and Nonstent Patients." American Journal of Therapeutics. May/June 2005, 12 (3): 210-217.
Viswanathan, Hema; Anderson, Rodney and Thomas III, Joseph. Evaluation of an Antiretroviral Medication Attitude Scale and Relationships Between Medication Attitudes and Medication Nonadherence. AIDS Patient Care & STDs. May 2005, 19 (5): 306-316.
Viswanathan, Hema; Anderson, Rodney and, Thomas III, Joseph. Nature and correlates of SF-12 physical and mental quality of life components among low-income HIV adults using an HIV service center. Quality of Life Research. 2005, 14: 935-944.
Sazonov Kocevar, Vasilisa; Thomas III, Joseph; Jonsson, Linus; Valovirta, Erkka; Kristensen, Frederik; Yin, Dong D. and, Bisgaard, Hans. "Association Between Allergic Rhinitis and Hospital Resource Use Among Asthmatic Children in Norway". Allergy. March 2005, 60 (3): 338-342.
Viswanathan, Hema; Bharmal, Murtuza F. and Thomas III, Joseph. "Prevalence and Correlates of Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing Among Ambulatory Older Patients in the Year 2001: Comparison of Three Explicit Criteria." Clinical Therapeutics. January 2005, 27 (1): 88-99.
Lin, Shu-Wen; S. Punekar, Yogesh and Thomas III, Joseph. Collaborative Drug Therapy Management (CDTM) in Indiana Hospitals: Pharmacy Directors Report Activities, Perceptions, Barriers, Facilitators, and Plans. Indiana Pharmacist. July/September 2004, 85 (3): 23-26, 29.
Bharmal, Murtuza F. and Thomas III, Joseph. "Development, validation, and application of a scale to measure the impact of the Internet on market structure and competition in the retail pharmacy market." Journal of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management. 2004; 16 (1): 81-99.
Sazonov Kocevar, Vasilisa; Bisgaard, Hans; Jonsson, Linus; Valovirta, Erkka; Kristensen, Frederick and Thomas III, Joseph. "Variations in Hospitalization Rates and Cost Among Children With Asthma in Nordic Countries" Chest. 2004; 125:1680-1685.
Bharmal, Murtuza F.; and Thomas III, Joseph. "Impact of Internet Use on Business Functions in Independent Community Pharmacies", Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. November/December 2003, 43 (6) 720-724.

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