Joseph Thomas III

Photo of Joseph Thomas III
Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy Practice


1983 PhD, Pharmacy Administration, Purdue University
1982 MS, Pharmacy Administration, Purdue University
1978 BS, Pharmacy, Northeast Louisiana University


PHAD 90, Financial and Personal Management
PHAD 201, Pharmaceutical Services and Health Care Systems
PHAD 243, Health Care Industry and Pharmaceutical Marketing
PHAD 252, Pharmacy Management IIPHAD 362, Graduate Seminar
PHAD 464, Management of Professional Practice
PHAD 465, Pharmacy Management
PHAD 482, Marketing of Pharmaceutical Services
PHAD 556, Health Economics and Public Policy
PHAD 563, Marketing of Professional Services
PHAD 590E, Health Economics and Public Policy
PHAD 690, Claims Data Analysis
PHAD 696, Seminar in Pharmacy Administration

Lab Members

Pragya Mishra (Graduate Student)

Honors and Credentials

Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare
Provost Outstanding Faculty Graduation Mentor
Purdue University Seed for Success Award
Best Podium Presentation
Best Poster Presentation
Outstanding Young Men in America

Representative Publications

1. Joseph Thomas III, Mindy Paulet, Jigar R. Rajpura.Consistency between Self-Reported and Recorded Values for Clinical Measures. Cardiology Research, Volume 2016, Article ID 4364761, 6 pages, 
2. Xiaoqin Yang, Kafi N. Sanders, Jack Mardekian, Marko A. Mychaskiw, and Joseph Thomas III.  Associations Between Sildenafil Use and Changes in Days of Hospitalization in a Population with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Associated with Connective Tissue Disease.  Clinical Therapeutics 2015, 37 (5): 1005 -1063.
3. Jyothi Menon, Joseph C. Cappelleri, Jack Mardekian, Nicholas J. Vendetti, Marko Mychaskiw, and Joseph Thomas III.  Psychometric Properties of the SF-12, Penn Shoulder Score, and Visual Analog Scale-Pain for Rotator Cuff Retears.  Applied Medical Research, 2015, 1 (3):  109 -117. 
4. Shuang He, Bruce A. Craig, Huiping Xu, Kenneth E. Covinsky, Eric Stallard, Joseph Thomas III, Zach Hass and Laura P. Sands.  Unmet Need for ADL Assistance is Associated with Mortality Among Older Adults with Mild Disability.  Journals of Gerontology, Medical Sciences, 2015: 1 - 5, doi:10.1093/gerona/glv028. 
5. Thomas III, Joseph; Iyer, Neeraj N.; Collins, Williams.  Associations between Perceived Chronic Care Quality, Perceived Patient Centeredness, and Illness Representations among Persons with Diabetes.  Journal for Healthcare Quality 2014; 36 (5):  50 - 59. 
6. Yang, Xiaoqin; Mardekian, Jack; Sanders, Kafi N.; Mychaskiw, Marko A.; Thomas III, Joseph.  Prevalence of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Patients with Connective Tissue Diseases:  a Systematic Review of the Literature.  Clinical Rheumatology 2013; 32:  1519 - 1531.  (DOI) 10.1007/s10067-013-2307-2. 
7. DePalma, Glen; Su, Huiping, Zu; Covinsky, Kenneth E.; Craig, Bruce A.; Stallard, Eric; Thomas III,  Joseph; Laura P. Sands.  Hospital Readmission among Older Adults Who Return Home with Unmet Need for ADL Disability.  The Gerontologist 2013, 53 (3): 454 - 461. 
8. Menon, Jyothi; Paulet, Mindy; and Thomas III, Joseph. Wellness Coaching and Health-Related Quality of Life:  A Case-Control Difference-in-Differences Analysis. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2012; 54 (1): 1259 -1267. 
9. DePalma, Glen; Xu,, Huiping; Covinsky, Kenneth E.; Bruce A. Craig; Stallard, Eric; and Thomas III, Joseph; and Sands, Laura P.  Hospital Readmission Among Older Adults Who Return Home With Unmet Need for ADL Disability. The Gerontologist. 2012. 
10. Xu, Huiping; Covinsky, Kenneth E.; Stallard, Eric; Thomas III, Joseph, Laura P. Sands.  Insufficient Help for Activity of Daily Living Disabilities and Risk of All-Cause Hospitalization. Journal of the American Geriatric Society. 2012, 60 (5):  927 - 933.

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