Karen Suchanek Hudmon

Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Specialization: Public Health Pharmacy and Cancer Prevention


B.S., Pharmacy, Ohio Northern University, 1986
M.S., Pharmacy Care Systems, Auburn University, 1991
Dr.P.H., Health Behavior and Health Education, The University of Texas School of Public Health, 1995
NCI Predoctoral Fellowship, Department of Epidemiology, MD Anderson Cancer, 1992-1995
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Division of Cancer Prevention, MD Anderson Cancer Center, 1995-1997


  • the treatment of tobacco use and dependence through expansion of the clinician's role in cessation
  • the study of predictors of smoking among adolescents and young adults
  • measurement of interprofessional education initiatives
  • medication compliance and medication safety

Lab Members

Nervana E. El-Khadragy (Graduate Student)


Tobacco prevention and cessation, program evaluation, public health pharmacy, interprofessional education (IPE)


Dr. Hudmon has taught a variety of coursework at the University of California San Francisco, Yale University School of Public Health, and Purdue University College of Pharmacy. Her teaching focuses on tobacco cessation, cancer prevention, epidemiology, and research methodology for the social and behavioral sciences.

Honors and Credentials

2017 Purdue University Bravo Award for extensive work and recognition over the past year developing collaborative approaches to tobacco cessation

2016 Training and Education Award, awarded by AMSUS (the Society of Federal Health Professionals) to the US Public Health Service Tobacco Cessation Intervention Training Team

2016  Public Health Excellence Award, awarded by the US Public Health Service for exceptional contributions and national impact in tobacco cessation education

2014  Purdue University Faculty Scholar Award

2014  Gold Medal for Best Original Research from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors

2014  Purdue University Bravo Award for exemplary service

2012  Outstanding Live CME Activity Award, awarded by the Alliance for CME (the International Association of CME Professionals)

2010  Best Practice in Collaboration, awarded by the North American Association for Medical Education and Communication Companies

2009  Award for Outstanding CME Collaboration, Alliance for CME (the International Association of CME Professionals)

2008  Hulman Health Achievement Award for Excellence in Health Science Research, Indiana Public Health Foundation

2008  Clinical Research Paper Award, American Pharmacists Association, for the most outstanding clinical or practice-based research paper published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association within the last two calendar years

2008  Wiederholt Award, American Pharmacists Association, for the most outstanding research paper published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association within the last calendar year



NIH/National Cancer Institute grant R25CA174665; Standardized Patients to Assess Competency in Tobacco Cessation Counseling, 2014 - 2019; $1,624,203 (Principal Investigator)

Indiana State Department of Health – Statewide Grant; Bringing Indiana Along: Reducing Tobacco Use Disparities among Patients with Mental Illness, 2015 - 2017; $250,000 (Principal Investigator)

Pfizer Independent Grants for Learning and Change; Expanding the Role of Future Respiratory Therapists in Tobacco Cessation, 2015 - 2017; $146,161 (Lead Scientific Investigator)

Indiana Univesrity; Tobacco Cessation Training for Health Professional Students Working with Seriously Mentally Ill Patients Who Smoke, 2015 - 2017; $50,000 (co-Investigator)

Representative Publications

Hudmon KS, Elkhadragy N, Kusynová Z, Besançon L, Brock TP, Corelli RL. Global sale of tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems in community pharmacies. Tobacco Control, in press.

Assemi M, Hudmon KS, Sowinski KM, Corelli RL. Educational background and academic rank within US schools of pharmacy. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, in press.

Barboza JL, Patel R, Patel P, Hudmon KS. An update on the pharmacotherapeutic interventions for smoking cessation. Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy 2016;20:1-14.

Corelli RL, Muchnik MA, Beechinor R, Fong G, Vogt EM, Cocohoba JM, Tsourounis C, Hudmon KS. Evaluation of a multiple mini-interview format across stakeholders in a pharmacy school admissions process. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2015;79(9):Article 135.

Schwindt RL, Hudmon KS. Working together to combat tobacco use. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing 2015;29(6):474.

Barnoya J, Jin L, Hudmon KS, Schootman M. Disparities in pricing and access to nicotine replacement therapy, tobacco products, and electronic cigarettes in pharmacies in St. Louis, Missouri. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2015;55(4):405-412.

Snyder ME, Pater KS, Frail CK, Hudmon KS, Doebbeling BN, Smith RB. Utility of a brief screening tool for medication-related problems. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2015;11(2):253-264.

Lee KC, Hudmon KS, Ma JD, Kuo GM. Evaluation of a shared pharmacogenomics curriculum for pharmacy students. Pharmacogenomics 2015;16(4):315-322.

Hudmon KS, Livin AL, Corelli RL, Fenlon CM, Schroeder SA.  Tobacco education in U.S. respiratory care programs. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2014;16(10:1394-1398.

Hudmon KS, Hoch MA, Vitale FM, Wahl KR, Corelli RL, de Moor C.  Tobacco cessation education for community pharmacists: Face-to-face presentations versus live webinars.  Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2014;54:42-44.

Brock TP, Assemi M, Corelli RL, El-Ibiary SY, Kavookjian J, Martin BA, Hudmon KS. A nontraditional faculty development initiative using a social media platform. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2014;78(5):105.

Corelli RL, de Moor C, Zillich AJ, Fenlon CF, Zbikowski S, Prokhorov AV, Hudmon KS. Recruitment of community pharmacies in a randomized trial to generate patient referrals to the tobacco quitline. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2013;9(4):27-36.

Zillich AJ, Corelli RL, Zbikowski S, Magnusson BL, Fenlon CF, Prokhorov AV, de Moor C, Hudmon KS.  A randomized trial evaluating two intervention approaches for promoting pharmacy-based referrals to the tobacco quitline: Methods and baseline findings. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2013;52(6):783-786.

Kroon LA, Corelli RL, Roth AP, Hudmon KS. Public perceptions of the ban on tobacco sales in San Francisco pharmacies. Tobacco Control 2013;22(6):369-371.

MA, Ott CA, Hudmon KS, Plake KS.  Attitudes of individuals with schizophrenia toward pharmacists. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 2012;52(6)783-786.

Zillich AJ, Jaynes H, Snyder ME, Harrison J, Hudmon KS, de Moor C, French DD.  Evaluation of medication therapy management combined with medication compliance packaging: Adherence, outcomes, and costs among Medicaid patients. Medical Care 2012;50(6):485-493.

Hudmon KS, Addleton RL, Vitale FM, Christianson A, Mejicano GC.  Advancing public health through continuing education of healthcare professionals.  Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions 2011 Fall;31 (suppl 1:S60-66).

Prochaska JJ, Benowitz, NL, Glantz SA, Hudmon KS, Grossman W.  Cardiology Rx for Change: Improving clinical attention to tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure in cardiology.  Clinical Cardiology 2011;34(12)738-743.

Prokhorov AV, Hudmon KS, Marani S, Foxhall L, Ford KH, Luca NS, Wetter DW, Cantor SB, Vitale F, Gritz ER. Engaging physicians and pharmacists in providing smoking cessation counseling. Archives of Internal Medicine 2010;170(18):1640-1646.

Hudmon KS, Corelli RL. ASHP Therapeutic Position Statement on the Cessation of Tobacco Use. American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacy 2009;66:291-307. 

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