Photo of Daniel D. (Dan) Degnan
Daniel D. (Dan) Degnan
Associate Director of Professional Program Laboratories
Phone: 765-494-0099
1994 Health-System Pharmacy Administration Residency, University of Wisconsin Hospital 1994 Masters of Science in Health-System Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy 1992 Doctor of Pharmacy, Purdue University 1991 Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy, Purdue University

PHPR 490, Introduction to Leadership in Pharmacy Practice
PHRM 820, Professional Program Laboratory I
PHRM 821, Professional Program Laboratory II
PHRM 840, Professional Program Laboratory III
PHRM 841, Professional Program Laboratory IV
PHRM 860, Professional Program Laboratory V
PHRM 861, Professional Program Laboratory VI
PHRM 870, Health Policy Applications
PHRM 868, Patient Safety and Informatics


Honors and Credentials

Dr. Aziz Teacher of the Year, Purdue University College of Pharmacy

Distinguished Service Award, American Society of Health-system Pharmacists

Excellence in Instruction for Continuing Lecturers

Certified Professional in Patient Safety

Indiana Pharmacists Alliance (IPA) Medication Safety Award

Fellow of the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists

Health-system Pharmacist of the Year in Indiana (the Sperandio Award)

Wyeth Bowl of Hygeia Pharmacist in Indiana for Community Service

Administration and Committee Work

Associate Director, Professional Skills Laboratory

Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety, Medication Safety Workgroup

Purdue University College of Pharmacy Admissions Committee

Purdue University, Lecturer's Advisory Committee

Representative Publications

1. Su, WTK, Lehto, MR, Degnan DD, Yih Y, Duffy VG, DeLaurentis, P. (2020), Healthcare Professionals Risk Assessments for Alert Overrides in High‐Risk IV Infusions Using Simulated Scenarios. Risk Analysis, 40: 1342-1354. doi:10.1111/risa.13489

2. Hertig JB, Jarrell K, Arora P, Nwabueze J, Moureaud C, Degnan DD, Trujillo T. A Continuous Observation Workflow Time Study to Assess Intravenous Push Waste. Hospital Pharmacy. Epub ahead of print. June 2020.

3. Degnan DD, Bullard TN, Hovda MB. Risk of patient harm related to unneccesary dilution of ready-to-administer prefilled syringes: a literature review. Journal of Infusion Nursing. May/June 2020.

4. Marwitz KK, Fritschle AC, Trivedi V, Covert ML, Walroth TA, DeLaurentis P, Saunders T, Walleser N, Fuller J, Degnan DD. Investigating multiple sources of data for smart infusion pump and electronic health record interoperability. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, Epub ahead of print. May 2020.

5. Gabay M, Hertig JB, Degnan DD, Burger MB, Yaniv A, Mclaughlin M, Moody ML. Third consensus development conference on the safety of intravenous drug delivery systems – 2018. American Journal of Health-system Pharmacy 2020: 77:215-220.

6. Degnan DD, Moureaud C. Patients as safety partners: A voice in vaccination. Pharmacy Today 2019 Dec;25(11):33.

7. Degnan DD, Pucci G. Coaching for safety in the pharmacy. Pharmacy Today 2019 Nov;25(11):35.

8. Burger M, Degnan DD. Comparative safety, efficiency, and nursing preference among 3 methods for intravenous push medication preparation: a randomized crossover simulation study. Journal of Patient Safety. 2019 Sep; 15(3): 238-245.

9. Degnan DD, Clabaugh M. Relying on double checks. Pharmacy Today 2019 Aug;25(8):32.

10. Marwitz, KK, Giuliano KK, Wan-Ting S, Degnan DD, Zink RJ, DeLaurentis P. High-alert medication administration and intravenous smart pumps: A descriptive analysis of clinical practice. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 15 (2019):889-894.

11. Degnan DD. Pros and Cons of electronic prescribing. Pharmacy Today 2019 Apr;25(4):32.

12. Hsu, Kang-Yu, DeLaurentis P, Bitan, Y, Degnan DD, Yih Y. Unintended patient safety risks due to wireless smart infusion pump library update delays. Journal of Patient Safety 2019 Mar:15(1):e8-e14