Photo of Kimberly S. Illingworth
Kimberly S. Illingworth
Assistant Dean for Learning & Assessment
Phone: 765-494-5966
Fax: 765-494-7880
1999 PhD, Pharmacy Administration and Gerontology, Purdue University 1994 MSc, Pharmacy Administration, Purdue University 1992 BSc, Pharmacy, Butler University
Lab Members
Jenny L. Newlon (Post-Doctoral Research Assistant)

PHRM 826, Introduction to Patient Centered Care

PHRM 820, Professional Program Lab I

PHRM 821, Professional Program Lab II

PHRM 841, Professional Program Lab IV

PHRM 861, Professional Program Lab VI

Honors and Credentials

American Pharmacists Association Fellow

Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Mission of the Heart Award, Arthritis Foundation

Teaching Academy Fellow

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Poster Competition, 1st Place

Dr. Aziz Outstanding Teaching Award

Representative Publications

1. Noureldin M, Murawski MM, Mason HL, Hyner GC, Plake KS. The association between family caregivers’ involvement in managing older adults’ medications and caregivers’ information-seeking behaviors. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. 2017;57(2): 170-177.

2. Yehle KS, Plake KS, Nguyen P, Smith D. Health-related quality of life in heart failure patients with varying levels of health literacy receiving telemedicine and standardized education. Home Healthcare Now. 2016;34(5): 267-272.

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