Matthew M. Murawski

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Administration


B.S., Pharmacy, The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, 1979
Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University, 1995


Dr. Murawski's primary area of research is health-related quality of life (HRQOL) measurement, especially as it applies to clinical trials of pharmaceutical products and its potential for application at the practice level. This includes investigations into the relationships between HRQoL and the price of pharmaceuticals, as well as the development of techniques for assessing available HRQoL instruments in a systematic way in order to select that instrument best suited for use in a specific context.

Dr. Murawski's community practice background is reflected in his continued interest in projects intended to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness, clinical impact, and positive influence on patient well-being of community pharmacy based disease management programs, as well as investigations into more focused aspects of the pharmacist's impact on patient outcomes.

An additional avenue of research is further refinement of the Pharmaceutical Therapy-Related Quality of Life (PTRQoL) instrument. Briefly, the research is aimed at finalizing the instrument. The instrument is intended to serve as a tool for the researcher that will allow questions especially germane to community pharmacy practice to be addressed more directly. For the practitioner, the instrument, by allowing rapid elucidation of patient concerns (problem discovery), should enhance the patient's experience of the counseling process as problematic areas of therapy are approached directly. This should also lead to more positive outcomes as more time will be able to be spent dealing with those issues of greatest significance to the individual patient.

Finally, a commitment to service in the area of pharmacist impairment due to chemical dependency has resulted in several publications and continues to be an area of interest.

Representative Publications

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