Photo of Carol A. Ott
Carol A. Ott
Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Phone: 317-880-5431
Fax: 317-880-0568
Specialization: Psychiatry
2023 MPH, Indiana University Fairbanks School of Public Health 1996 PharmD, Purdue University 1989 BS, Purdue University
Lab Members
Sara Ramirez (Purdue/Eskenazi Health PGY-2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Resident)

PHRM 870, Health Policy

PHRM 826, Introduction to Patient Centered Care

PHRM 841, Professional Program Laboratory

PHRM 845, Integrated Pharmacotherapy III

CLPH 449, Introductory Elective in Psychiatric Pharmacy

CLPH 454, Advanced Elective in Psychiatric Pharmacy


Honors and Credentials

Dr Aziz Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award

PHPR Mentor of the Year Award

PHPR Mortar & Pestle Service Award

National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) President’s Award for Service to Mental Health, Indiana Chapter

Heroes in the Fight Award

Outstanding Faculty Advisor

Preceptor of the Year

Tony and Mary Hulman Human Health Achievement Award, Geriatric Medicine

Representative Publications

Wartman C, Walroth TA, Butterfield D, Anderson L, Peters M, Schmelz A, Ott C. Review and evaluation of the role of a psychiatric pharmacist on  medication management in a gender health program. J Am Coll Clin Pharm. 2022;5:1287-93.

Oliver AP, Adams ZW, Ott CA, Agley J. Promoting best practices for managing opioid overdoses in the field: A novel project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes program for first responders. Prev Med Rep 2022 Dec;30:1-5.

Gonzalvo JD, Meredith A, Adeoye-Olatunde O, Kimiecik C, Pastakia S, Rodriquez N, Ruiz Y, Ott C et al. A call to action from the Purdue University Center for Health Equity and Innovation. J Am Coll Clin Pharm 2022;5(8):865-74.

Adams ZA, Agley J, Pederson CA, Bell LA, Aalsma MC, Jackson T, Grant MT, Ott CA, Hulvershorn LA. Use of Project ECHO to promote evidence based care for justice involved adults with opioid use disorder. Subst Abus 2022;43(1):336-43.

Titus-Lay EN, Jaynes HA, Muensterman ET, Walroth TA, Ott CA, Desta Z, Williams G et al. Methadone-associated QT interval prolongation in patients undergoing maintenance therapy in an urban opioid treatment program. Pharmacotherapy 2021;41(3):238-46.

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