Photo of Rakhi Karwa
Rakhi Karwa
Clinical Associate Professor
Phone: 317-880-5404
2007 Infectious Diseases Specialty Residency, University of North Carolina Hospitals 2006 Pharmacy Practice Residency, University of North Carolina Hospitals 2005 Pharm.D., University of California, San Francisco 2001 B.S., Pharmaceutical Sciences, The Ohio State University

Dr. Karwa’s primary interest area is in the development of clinical and educational programs in underserved populations.  Through her work in Kenya, she has conducted research on pharmacovigilance, the detection and reporting of adverse events, in HIV infected patients.  Her work on pharmacovigilance lead her to create a successful HIV peer educator program where she is working on determining the true impact on patients.  Because Dr. Karwa leads the Advance Pharmacy Practice Experience in International Health in Kenya, she is able to work with students to develop service learning projects for this underserved population.  In addition, Dr. Karwa is collaborating with University of Notre Dame scientists to implement the use of a paper-based counterfeit medication detection device.  


PHRM 880, Purdue International Health APPE Rotation

CLPH 457, Pharmaceutical Care in Developing Countries

PHPR 827, Public Health Residency Director, Global Health Pharmacy Residency

Honors and Credentials

Chaney Family Faculty Preceptor of the Year

C. Peter Magrath Engagement Award of Land Universities of North America, Regional Winner

The Engagement Scholarship/W.K.Kellog Foundation Engagement AwardPurdue University Corps of Engagement Award

Clinical Practice

Dr. Karwa focuses her clinical practice on building care and educational programs in Kenya.  Her primary practice site of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital is a 1000 bed tertiary academic medical center in Eldoret, Kenya.  Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital is 1 of 2 referral hospitals in Kenya.  Dr. Karwa provides pharmaceutical care on the adult internal medicine wards with an interdisciplinary medical team consisting of physicians, nurses, nutritionists and clinical officers.  She also leads the HIV peer educator program on the inpatient wards.  This program connects HIV infected patients with trained HIV infected patients who provide education and counseling on HIV care and follow up after discharge.  Outside of clinical care, Dr. Karwa is training local providers in clinical pharmacy through an internship, post-graduate diploma and master’s program in clinical pharmacy.  

Representative Publications

1. Karwa R, Maina M, Mercer T, Njuguna B, Wachira J, Ngetich C, Some F, Jakait B, Owino RK, Gardner A, Pastakia S. Leveraging peer-based support to facilitate HIV  care in Kenya. PLoS Med. 2017 Jul 14;14(7):e1002355.
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