Photo of Margie E. Snyder
Margie E. Snyder
Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Phone: 317-880-5429
Fax: 317-880-0568
2009 Community Practice Research Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh 2009 M.P.H., University of Pittsburgh 2007 Pharmacy Practice Residency with an Emphasis in Community Care, University of Pittsburgh 2006 Pharm.D., University of Pittsburgh

Medication therapy management, community pharmacy practice advancement, mixed-methods, practice-based research networks

Lab Members
Katelyn Nicole Hettinger (Lecturer)
Lisa Hillman ()
Kayla M. Hsu (Special Projects Specialist)

PHRM 826, Introduction to Patient-Centered Care

PHRM 820, 860, Professional Program Laboratories


Honors and Credentials

APhA Fellow

ACCP Fellow

American Pharmacists Association Community Pharmacy Residency Excellence in Precepting Award

Representative Publications

Adeoye-Olatunde OA, Pratt N, Kim DD, Schmidt E, Snyder ME. Adaptation and validation of the patient assessment of chronic illness care in Unites States community pharmacies. BMC Health Serv Res. 2022;22:355. Doi: 1186/s12913-022-07697-w

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Hollowell M, Hudmon KS, Perkins SM, Gernant SA, Green WM, Jaynes HA, Doucette WR, Snyder ME. Evaluation of a modified and abbreviated scale for assessing chronic illness care for medication therapy management practice. Res Social Admin Pharm. 2022;18:2804-2810.

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