Program Coordinator

Nick Madison, PharmD (nicholas.madison@stores.kroger.com)

Number of Positions: 0

Past Residents

Nick Madison, PharmD (2011-12) – Pharmacy Manager, Kroger Pharmacy J332; RPD, Kroger CPRP

Alison Haas, PharmD (2012-13) – Pharmacy owner, Jackson Health & Wellness Center

Jennifer Buehrle, PharmD (2013-14) – Consult Pharmacist, Accredo

Greg Blette, PharmD (2014-15) – Clinical Pharmacy Consultant, Catholic Medical Partners

Matt Budi, PharmD (2015-16) – Pharmacy Manager, Kroger Pharmacy J-906; Preceptor, Kroger CPRP

Lola Adeoye, PharmD (2016-2017) - Hook Drug Foundation Fellow in Community Practice Research / M.S. in Pharmacy Practice with an Emphasis in Medication Safety in Indianapolis, IN.  Lola is also working part-time at Kroger Pharmacy during her fellowship.

Kathryn Hubbard, PharmD (2017-2018) – Staff Pharmacist, Kroger Pharmacy J-944

Lauren McCauley, PharmD (2018-2019) - Pharmacy Manager, Kroger Pharmacy J-960

Lyndi Martin, PharmD (2019-2020) - Pharmacy Manager, Kroger Pharmacy J-96